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About Department of Urban Science and Policy

Undergraduate degree program
Department of Urban Science and Policy, Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences

It is vitally important that creative solutions be found to the complex problems that are affecting the world's cities (including Tokyo), such as the need to maintain and improve the urban environment, issues relating to the aging of the population, healthcare and welfare provision, industrial development, disaster prevention and recovery, and ensuring that diverse groups of people are able to live in harmony with one another.

To this end, there is a real need for planning capabilities that reflect both a global perspective and a regional perspective, that are able to outline a clear picture of what urban society and urban spaces should look like, and that are able to formulate suitable policies for implementing these plans in collaboration with ordinary citizens.

The Department of Urban Science and Policy has a curriculum tailored to address these key issues relating to urban development, and is designed to help students cultivate the planning capabilities needed to create the new-generation cities of the future.

Graduate program
Department of Urban Science and Policy, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

The Department of Urban Science and Policy (DUSP) is dedicated to the cultivation of human talent capable of developing a comprehensive picture of the modern city with its dynamic transformations, visualizing how cities can become safe, comfortable places where residents enjoy peace of mind, and undertaking analysis and research from spatial, systemic, social and other perspectives, thereby helping to realize sustainable urban development.

Our Master's Program provides graduate students with expert knowledge and practical experience as practitioners and researchers in each policy field and academic field of urban studies. The Doctoral Program, via Ph.D. dissertation, develops students' expertise as independent scholars in urban studies and as leading practitioners.

DUSP supports collaborative research and education with municipal governments and community and public organizations, as well as interactive relationships with Asian partner universities. Graduate students can take an active part in learning internationally, including through student exchange programs.



Admission test for graduate school students

Applicants who wish to enroll in the Department of Urban Science and Policy are required to take entrance examinations.

For details, please see the application guidelines of Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences.

Inquiries about entrance examinations:

Dept. of Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences,
Tokyo Metropolitan University (Minai-Osawa Campus Building No.9, 2F)
TEL: +81-42-677-1111 (Main) (Ext. 4027)
Open: Monday-Friday 9:00-12:30/13:30-17:00

Other inquiries:
Office of Administration, Department of Urban Science and Policy
(Minami-Osawa Campus Building No.9, 5F)
TEL: +81-42-677-1111 (Ext. 4271) E-mail:usswww@center.tmu.ac.jp