Faculty Members

About Department of Urban Science and Policy

Field Title Name Research Contents
Urban Planning and Analysis Professor Shin AIBA Urban Planning, Community Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning Systems, Method of Designing Workshop
Professor Chisato ASAHI Environmental Economics, Urban and Regional Economics, Program Evaluation, Evaluation Research, Cost-benefit Analysis, Evaluation of Infrastructure
Professor Taro ICHIKO Urban Planning, Disaster Research, Hazard Mitigation Planning, Emergency Management
Professor Fumiko ITO Urban/Regional Planning and Evaluation, Urban/Regional Analysis, Urban Environmental Psychology and Behavioral Analysis
Associate Professor Shu YAMAMURA Industry and Urban Space, Industrial Area Design, Urban and Regional Planning, Planning Theory on Spatial Spheres, Knowledge-creating Industries
Administrative, Financial and Legal Systems Associate Professor Akira KANEKO Public Finance, Regional Finance, Public Economics
Professor Nozomi MATSUI Public Administration, Municipal Government and Administration, Bureaucratic Systems
Associate Professor Motoki NAGANO Public Administration, Local Government Studies, Local Governance, Performance Measurement in Local Governments, Comparative Local Government Studies
Professor Mami OKU Environmental Legal Policy, Urban Policy and Legal Affairs, Administrative Law, the Local Autonomy Act
Professor Ken SHIRAISHI Law and Economics, Economic Criminal Law, Corporate Criminal Law, Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology
Urban Community and Well-being Associate Professor Shigemi OHTSUKI Urban Sociology, Regional and Community Studies, Social Stratification, Multicultural Coexistence, Quantitative and Qualitative Social Research
Professor Yoko SUGIHARA Health Sociology, Social Gerontology, Public Health, Elderly Well-being, Mental Health, Community Welfare
Associate Professor Kahoruko YAMAMOTO Urban Sociology, Regional and Community Studies, Inner Urban Areas, Qualitative Social Research
Assistant Professor Masashi TAKAMICHI